Strategic reflection and discussion meeting 29 April -1rst May 2016 in Zagreb


This strategic reflection meeting asked for by the croatian feminist associations is the third in Croatia.

A first strategic reflection meeting gathered in November 2013, 18 Croatian women's organizations followed up by another one in 2014 where 22 women activists representing 16 Croatian women's organizations were present.


22 women, representatives of 18 women’s or human rights organizations were attending, they came from 9 cities of Croatia. Among them, 9 women were under the age of 35. To facilitate communications with the Mediterranean Women's Fund, Croatian/English translations were planned.

The first part of the meeting was dedicated to the analysis of the croatian context. Since November 2014, a woman from the conservative party has been elected as president, the situation has worsened and NGOs are divided. Despite the lack of finances and the Women’s groups dispersion, The Women’s Network, created after 2014 meeting, has made a lot of steps.
The participants confirmed the relevance of the challenges listed one year and half before were still relevant with a feeling of increasing urgency.

Later, a discussion on the issues to be given priority during the meeting took place. Two priorities were defined :
1- Women’s Network inclusion, needs, list of coming events
2 deciding on concrete actions for the close future: on May 21st, a” walk for life” was announced by the ultra-conservative movement Pro Life and on May 27th a public discussion would be held about submission of proposal for educational curriculum reform.

After a round-table where each participant had to give her two priorities, groups were formed to reflect on potential actions and bring ideas to the rest of the assembly on one of the following three topics.
Later the propositions of each group were presented to the whole assembly.

The work done and the process of the two-days meeting were evaluated with a round table at the end of the gathering. The evaluation showed that the meeting was very useful for the women activists present, who were happy to have had the opportunity to talk and reflect and decide upon collective actions in such an easy atmosphere. Participants expressed the wish that another meeting would be organized soon by the Mediterranean Women's Fund.

The Mediterranean Women’s Fund has made a commitment to supporting the coordination of the Women’s Network of Croatia.