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Research Studies and Articles |

This page contains research articles and studies regarding the women’s movement in the region.
You can read them by clicking on the links.

Huffington Post: Article by MedWF Executive Director

S. Laurel Weldon & Mala Htun (Gender & Development): Feminist mobilisation and progressive policy change: why governments take action to combat violence against women

Eric Neumayera et Thomas Plümperb: The gendered nature of natural disasters:
the impact of catastrophic events on the gender gap in life expectancy, 1981–2002

Awid: Report "Where is the money for women's rights?"

Nadia Aissaou - Arab revolutions, women's body revolution(french)

Deniz Kandiyoti in Open Democracy - Fear and Fury: women and post-revolutionary violence

Nadia Assaoui: «Arab Spring: how women are using their bodies to create a revolution »

Lombardo E. et Bustelo M. - Promoting equality in Spain (french). Informations sociales 2009/1, N° 151, p. 118-126