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Newsletter n°17 - Spring 2019  pdf
Newsletter n°16 - Fall 2018  pdf
Newsletter n°15 - Fall 2017  pdf
Special edition of the Newsletter - Spring 2017 - Marrakech meeting (french)  pdf
Newsletter n°14 - Fall 2016  pdf
Newsletter n°13 - Spring 2016  pdf
Newsletter n°12 - Fall 2015  pdf
Newsletter n°11 - Spring 2015  pdf
Newsletter n°10 - Fall 2014  pdf
Newsletter n°9 - Spring 2014  pdf
Newsletter n°8 - Fall 2013  pdf
Newsletter n°7 - Spring 2013  pdf
Newsletter n°6 - Fall 2012  pdf
Newsletter n°5 - Spring 2012  pdf
Newsletter n°4 - Fall 2011  pdf
Special edition of the Newsletter - Spring 2011  pdf
Newsletter n°3 - Spring 2011  pdf
Newsletter n°2 - Fall 2010  pdf
Newsletter n°1 - Spring 2010  pdf

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Activities and Financial Reports

2018 Activity and Financial Report  pdf
2017 Activity and Financial Report  pdf
2016 Activity and Financial Report  pdf
2015 Activity and Financial Report  pdf (french)
2014 Activity and Financial Report  pdf
2013 Activity and Financial Report  pdf
2012 Activity Report  pdf - 2012 Financial Report (french)  pdf
2011 Activity Report  pdf - 2011 Financial Report (french)  pdf
2010 Activity Report  pdf - 2010 Financial Report (french)  pdf

Mediterranean Women's Fund Presentation

English    pdf
Français  pdf
Español   pdf


Report "Where is the money for violence against women?" (french)
Feminist Collective Intelligence Training Presentation  pdf
Report "Where is the money for women’s rights?" (french)  pdf
Feasibility Study for the creation of a Mediterranean women's fund (extracts)  pdfPostcard (français)  pdf