CSMD aims to make sexual violence a more visible subject of discussion in the society, breaking down the socially accepted perception of “victims” and provide a new and empowering language for survivors, to reduce or remove the justification of sexual violence and its damaging effects, to fight against different forms of sexual violence without constructing a hierarchy among any of them, to put less visible or invisible forms of sexual violence such as towards immigrants, lgbtiqa+’s, sex workers, animals and disabled people on the public agenda and to fight against the patriarchal, sexist system, militarism, nationalism, conservative politics and the binary of private/public spheres and man/woman by advocating.

With the campaign "Sexual Violence Thrives In Silence, Let’s Talk About It", CSMD aims to raise an all-round, participative perspective about sexual violence to young people, right-based NGO’s, activists, support units and whole society. By organising activities, releasing visual materials and carrying out social media campains, CSMD plans to encourage the discussion about sexual violences from different angles, to contribute breaking the perception of stereotypes and myths, to reduce the stigmatization of survivors and to develop their selfesteem and awareness.


Web Site: http://cinselsiddetlemucadele.org/en/