The association, Victoire des femmes rurales de Sidi Bouzid aims for:
- the dissemination of a culture of women's rights in rural areas to curb and reduce exclusion, discrimination and violence against women
- political, social and economic empowerment of rural women
- cultural development in rural areas.

The direct beneficiaries of the projects are between 100 and 150 women farmers in the rural areas of Sidi Bouzid.

The governorate of Sidi Bouzid (Tunisia) was the cradle of the revolution in 2011 due to the economic and political marginalization of the area in favour of the coastal region. During the revolution, many rural women became involved and some even paid with their lives for their involvement in the consolidation of the process of democratic transition. The project, "Voice of Women", consists initially of setting up a training workshop aimed at strengthening a core of 8 women already active in women's or cultural associations established in 4 delegations of the governorate of Sidi Bouzi. The training will not only strengthen a culture of women's rights and self-esteem in these women leaders, but also introduce them to how to dialogue and facilitate work with rural women.