Saiedet Souria supports Syrian women in both understanding and achieving their rights by helping them to express themselves in political, social and economic Syrian platforms, in order to gain legal and legislative representation, by making researches about developing women rights laws, by developing a culture of pluralism, acceptance of other groups and the ability to live together, which will contribute to establish civil peace rules. Saiedat Souria produces, prints and distributes a feminist newspaper written by women for women, which includes articles about women’s rights, the Syrian conflict and its effect on women, as well as on feminist struggles around the world.

The project Damascus Media Office aims at creating a media center in the suburbs of Damascus to help women activists and journalists to organize, meet, write and publish a magazine that will be distributed in the suburbs of Damascus by local activists. Because it is difficult and dangerous to bring copies of the magazine to this area, it will be produced locally to involve more local activists and distribute the magazine more widely.

Saiedet Souria

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