Mujeres Pa’lante's mission is to empower immigrant women and accompany them during their migration processes in difficult context and situations, offering them psychological support, social-worker assistance, training about immigration laws and therapeutic monitoring in domestic violence situations.

The project "Juntas Y Revueltas: Por La Convivencia" (Women Together And Melted For The Community Cohesion) aims to be a proposal from immigrant women to all women living in Hospitalet neighbourhood in Barcelona, where Mujeres Pa’lante organization has been working for many years. This project would be a concrete and convincing way to remove and break prejudices and stereotypes that exist about immigrant women and to limit the impact of the extreme right ideology. Mujeres Pa’lante wants to be as a bridge between Spanish women and immigrant women in Barcelona to facilitate new relationships with each other and therefore, over time, remove crossed prejudices, prejudice that immigrant women are from "there" and that Spanish women have with "here". For this, the project aims to provide, both spanish and immigrant women support and help to be able to move forward in a context of severe economic crisis, offering alternatives that include courses vocational training and other proposals that would allow self-sustaining long-term economic condition.

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