Taxi Art has been in April 2007 by victims women, feminists, lesbian activists and artists to develop a high impact, media communication oriented, art activism by addressing crucial human rights themes through artistic actions represented in high visibility manner: street actions, mass media, renowned galleries and established festivals, conferences, women’s festival and women organisations. Taxi Art focuses on the awareness of the individual women, lesbian, feminist, lesbian activist, artist. Taxi Art activities aim to respond to the global need for equality on all levels for women, lesbians and girls. The association is concentrated on mass media influence, on the creation of reality and we are using their mechanism to subvert the marketing propaganda. By addressing issues of marginalised groups within a change perspective Taxi Art aims to transform the dualistic victim – aggressor reality into the reality of the empowered power of survivor reality that diminishes the threatening and suppressive aura of aggression makers. Empowered by the impact of creative disintegration of the victim self-perception, survivors regain their self-esteem.

The association needs to acquire technical equipments to realise its work based on learning and using mobile technologies to produce videos with the survivors ready to communicate their own experience about violence.

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