Feminist ambassadors, created in 2011 seeks to promote the rights of women, non-violence, and a socially just economic system for all.

The project "Revolt Social Workers" (RSW) started in December 2012 with beginning of All Slovenian Revolt in Slovenia. Feminist Ambassadors seized this opportunity to form the women’s/feminist group Revolt Social Workers, since none of the revolt groups represented women’s rights and position of women in Slovenian society.

Revolt Social Workers are women, mostly young(er) women, professional social workers and students of social work, but also university professors and women who consider themselves to be social workers (since to be a woman in our society, means to be a social worker, since women’s work within the family and elsewhere is based on care for others, emotional support, understanding of others problems etc.).

RSW organizes discussions, round tables, art performances, political actions, protests concerning position of women, women’s rights, unemployment and poverty of women (demand for social protection and new social rights). Women’s presence in the public (and political) space is essential for broader public sensitization of issues affecting women the most (low pay, exclusion from the political space, precarious employments) which have increased with austerity measures and changes happening within the global and European context.