Ytto Foundation, to lodge and rehabilitate female victims of violence

Caravane Ytto

There are villages high in the Atlas mountains that are far from any tourist circuit. Forgotten or even ignored by government authorities, women in these villages may give birth up to twenty times. The only place to give birth is a room with a rope suspended from the ceiling that the pregnant woman holds on to, assisted by a relative…One child in two dies at birth.

Caravane Ytto

Because they consider that, “as a civil society, we should help these women in their own surroundings”, each year the Ytto Foundation organizes a caravan of volunteers to go into these ultra rural areas. There are no roads to get there... The human caravan therefore often winds up travelling the last kilometres on foot, climbing to attitudes of 2000m, to knock on the inhabitants’ doors. Above all, they seek to understand the reality of their daily life: using a questionnaire, know how many children a village women has brought into the world, how many she has lost, at what age she will marry off her daughter... Meetings then are organized, often in the villagers’ own homes, to listen to their needs, which often start with a need for schools, which are completely absent... “What is striking,” says Najat Ikhich, president of the foundation, “is that no matter what their age, many of the women still want to learn to read and write. It is never too late to learn how to read.

The caravan thus passes, and the little girls are protected a little more...In one year of activity, the Ytto Foundation has succeeded in alerting institutions about the issue of early marriage. A campaign that five years of the new family code has not yet achieved. If you do not go to women’s rights, women’s rights will come to you!

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