Nasawiya was born in Beirut, in April 2011. Its mission is to create, connect, and support feminist initiatives in Lebanon.

The Girl Geek Camp started in summer 2011 and aims to bring together 25 – 30 girls from all of Lebanon to learn how to master technology and computers. In Lebanon, very little attention is given to girls who grow up in a highly misogynistic culture with few female role models and a dangerous beauty industry that does much damage to their self-esteem. The numbers of women in technology are still very low as is demonstrated through tech conferences and meetings. Nasawiya aims to give an opportunity to girls to develop skills and also to learn about different activist issues so that they can affect the other girls in their communities.

Through working with girls, Nasawiya is also able to find a way into schools and youth groups to be able to do follow-up activities. For example, 6 of the participants of last year’s camp invited different Nasawiya campaigns to give workshops and presentations at their schools and scout groups in 2011 / 2012.


Web Site: http://www.nasawiya.org/web/

Contact: news@nasawiya.org

Nasawiya’s top priorities are:

1. Build a membership that is large, strong, connected, and diverse. They aim to reach 1000 young women members in the next two years. Membership is a key strategy to involve women in activism in a personal and political way.
2. Organize initiatives that are strategic and effective. Their main initiative combating sexual violence seeks to implement a draft law on sexual harassment in the workplace as well as legal reform of articles 503 – 522 of the penal code that deal with sexual violence.
3. Provide a center that is welcoming, active, and well equipped. Nasawiya have recently in 2012 moved to a new center that they are building into a community café that hosts daily activities, art exhibits, performances, as well as discussions and meeting spaces.
4. Build relationships with diverse organizations and actors.
5. Mobilize resources to support campaigns, projects, and events of allies.
6. Produce and disseminate information that is useful, timely, and accessible.
7. Develop political analysis and positioning that is sharp, well-informed, and strategic.
8. Build an administrative infrastructure to support work