Kayan, created in 1999 in Haifa, works in the field of women’s empowerment, specifically focusing on Palestinian women in Israel.
Kayan strives towards consolidating an active Arab Palestinian feminist movement by utilizing strategies of empowerment, awareness-raising, community organizing, and advocacy. Support of women-led community organizing in Arab villages has emerged as a cornerstone of Kayan’s work, a tool that empowers women to overcome imbalances and to improve their lives in tangible ways. Kayan strengthens the civil society institution building among Palestinian women with intensive empowerment and leadership training; ongoing professional development support, and access to frameworks for inter-organizational networking and collaboration. The main themes which are currently promoted are: violence against women, gender-sensitive budgeting, women’s health including community environmental health, and women in local politics.

The project will focus on the work of Jusur (bridges), a network of 20 women’s groups in several Arab villages in Israel, each of whom are working with Kayan on projects directly related to the needs of women in their communities. While these projects are specific to each locality, common themes include women’s health, women in politics, ending violence against women, land and housing rights, right of return activism, women’s employment rights and status, and personal status rights. Kayan aims to bring a high level of visibility to the network with campaigns about the following themas: women in politics, ending violence against women, bringing women’s activism to the Right of Return and women’s health.

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