The Women’s Security Index (WSI) Coalition created in 2010 by six women organizations and hosted by Isha L’Isha – Haifa Feminist Center has the overall mission to promote the implementation of UN SCR 1325 in Israel. The aim of the WSIC is to develop the "Women's Security Index," a practical tool for women's and social change organizations in Israel to advocate both for protection and civil participation of women from diverse communities.

The Index is designed to address the needs of women, including the most marginalised, such as Palestinian women, women with disabilities, trafficking victims, and others. The index will challenge the militaristic view of security by offering a broad and positive feminist vision of human security, such as economic security, protection from domestic, sexual and institutional violence, protection against prejudice and discrimination, health concerns, and more.

The WSI will present quantitative data regarding women’s security in different fields, alongside statistical data, it will also present qualitative analysis and their feminist insights.