50/50 Magazine

"Les Ami-es de l’Egalité" is an organization that manages « 50/50 magazine », an original information website that offers reflections, analysis, and debates on a number of topics linked to equal rights for women and men and their reality.

The project "Women from disadvantaged neighborhoods: a forgotten world" aims to bring visibility to women in disadvantaged, ‘priority’ neighborhoods in the city who rarely receive media attention, rendering them invisible. The challenge is to give voice to the women who are struggling, associations, elected women officials, simple citizens, refugee and immigrant women, and the men who accompany them.

Avoiding victimization, 50-50 magazine will seek to highlight their work and experiences to show that they are also creative entrepreneurs, association leaders, ordinary citizens etc.

The subject of women from priority neighborhoods will be addressed from several angles: employment, citizenship, sports, culture, politics, sexual and reproductive health, ... taking the form of field reports, articles and videos. A dozen articles will take stock of the status of women at work, their specific difficulties, the jobs they mainly occupy and the women who create their own business.

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