The Association pour la Visibilité des Lesbiennes dans la Presse et les Médias publishes the lesbian and feminist magazine, Well Well Well; 3,000 copies are printed of each 128-page issue (sold in 5 bookshops in Paris and online). It is the only lesbian media currently printed in France, and one of the only homosexual media, most of the others having ceased operations (Lesbia magazine, Têtu and Yagg most recently). The third issue was published at the end of October 2016.
The magazine aims to:
- promote the visibility of lesbians, and more generally sexual minorities, in the public sphere and the media
- highlight the history of the lesbian and feminist movement and knowledge about gender equality
- promote dialogue between different sexual communities and between different structures fighting for minority rights: intergenerational dialogue, intersectionality
- inform about sexual health and sexually transmitted infections.

The support for its operations will help secure the magazine’s future. The first issue was financed through an online crowdfunding operation. The principle for the following issues is to use the sales of one issue to finance the printing of the next. When an issue sells less well than the one preceding it, the sustainability of the magazine is likely to be called into question.

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