The association Rêv'Elles aims to promote equal opportunities and the professional integration of women and girls by enabling them to widen their professional prospects and project themselves serenely into their future, build a professional project, acquire the tools to realize it, and develop their potential and their power to act.

Rêv'elles has developed several programs. “Rêv’Elles (awaken) your potential” is for those seeking to find their future path, develop self-confidence and learn how to communicate in public. Program contents: 5 days of collective workshops and individual follow-up during the school holidays, followed by 2 hours of individual interviews to:
- take stock of one’s personality, tastes, values, knowledge, skills and attitudes
- determine one’s ideal working environment
- discover the resources available and learn to question to discover a career...
This program is given 3 times a year for 25 participants. It is based on group experimenting and learning. Participants will gain self-confidence, get to know each other better, become familiar with the business world and meet inspiring women (role models) who will share their experience and offer advice.


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