Feministes en Mvt

Féministes en mouvement, established in 2011, is a collective of 45 feminist associations that organize annual summer meetings, two-day events gathering several hundred people. These meetings are open to everyone, even to people who are not directly involved in feminist associations, to discuss the issues involved in gender equality and to share experiences between feminists to create transnational feminist initiatives.

The project, Women's Sustainable City Meeting, aims to bring together 500-600 feminists, experts on the subject, activists from a variety of backgrounds, to enable cross-cutting reflection and to find activist solutions that are not confined to a western views of cities. This is why feminists from different countries are invited.
It is an opportunity to highlight initiatives by women and/or associations that are involved in cities, to enable them to benefit from networking and the possibility of together obtaining visibility in the media, in the scientific community, and even among the general public. It also makes eco-feminism a source of support for feminist and ecological struggles, showing the absurdity of opposition between these two struggles. The meeting is organized in the form of round tables, workshops and debates.

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