Education Féministe, an association established in 2011, aims to raise awareness about sexism in the world and promote peace, autonomy, security and freedom for all women.
The association dedicates itself to the liberation of women from all forms of violence caused by men, both individually and socially: violence committed by a spouse, sexual violence and rape, parental violence, forced marriage, prostitution, abduction and trafficking, sexual harassment and daily sexism, economic violence and slavery, military wars and occupations, excision, bodily mutilation....; as well as industrial violence against the environment.
To do so, the association produces booklets, films, videos, organizes events, debates, monthly thematic meetings, trainings, discussion groups, and works with other associations and collectives.

The project, "Feminist Rally in an Eco-Domain", aims to bring together over 5 days 300 feminists representing different ages and feminist groups, collectives and movements from different countries of Europe and North Africa. Over the course of these five days, participants are trained in different subjects, on feminist theories (and practices), as much by example as by the topics that will be discussed and debated.
Participants are offered documents, bibliographies, resources (to be consulted on site), and examples and ideas of feminist practices that can be easily reused and applied in their own lives. They are able to organize political, creative, musical, spiritual (etc.) workshops in relation to women/feminism in the afternoons and evenings, outside the program's scheduled activities.
From a qualitative perspective, the gathering seeks to offer feminists a place to recharge and exchange, a place of care, joy and sorority: to give strength, break isolation, inspire the maximum number of participants to act afterwards and spread locally and make sure that feminists from different countries meet and forge ties to become strong.