European Feminist Initiative was created in 2003. It aims to promote action to create an efficient balance of power, to stop the marginalization of feminist critique and analyses and to create common spaces for construction of the different democratic and social movements. It also contributes to the redistribution of power between men and women but also with other marginalized groups of our societies – marginalized on the bases of sex orientation, age, class, ethnicity, handicap.

EFI main priority is to strengthen its organizational and institutional capacities and to reinforce the relations with other networks and organizations. The second aspect of the project is to develop further the cooperation with feminist organizations from MENA region and Europe working on identification and analyses of common problems around the issues of violence, peace and security and the issues of secularism, as well as developing strategies for facing these commonly.

These two priorities will help IFE-EFI to strengthen the whole discourse around feminist politics.


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