The Étincelle-Théâtre Forum association was founded in 1998 in Montarnaud, some fifteen kilometres from Montpellier.
The association works on the physical and emotional evolution of individuals, open-mindedness, the development of each human being and equality of opportunity.
It works to develop potential, creativity, and communication within and between people and groups through training, animation and entertainment events for all audiences.
It aims to cultivate a culture of respect and communication between individuals and groups.
It seeks to transmit tools and concepts promoting the establishment of this culture and the development of inter-personal skills.
It seeks to provide discussion spaces that allow different views and opinions to be expressed and heeded.

The members of Etincelles work from the principle that listening and accepting without judgement the points of view and feelings of each person present allows different interpretations of situations and experiences to be clarified, and promotes an open mind conducive to change.

The association also is involved in the Feminist Training in Collective Intelligence (FTCI) organized by the Mediterranean Women’s Fund to develop critical knowledge regarding the history and construction of the feminist movement. FTCI is meant to create a space for discussion and sharing for young feminists, to consolidate the skills and personal capacities of each woman, and to assert collective intelligence for these young women and new associations fighting for women’s rights.

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