The Association des Femmes du Franc-Moisin (AFFM – Franc-Moisin Women’s Association) seeks to further the social and professional integration of foreign women and their families in the Saint-Denis area and in neighbouring cities (Aubervilliers, la Courneuve…). The average age of these women, who come from diverse backgrounds, is 34, and most are housewives and mothers who do not work outside their homes, or do so very little.
AFFM’s activities are teaching French and maintaining a hotline providing access to social services, health care, and parenting help, and responding to cases of conjugal violence.

With the project AFFM on the web, a workshop “Multi-media communication” was set up based on workshops on reading, learning computer tools (doing an internet search, creating an email account, knowing how to fill out a form on-line for the CAF or ANPE, for example), and facilitating the emergence of a 'common’ women’s voice through a web journal.

Valse, a show organized by AFFM (french)