Ikhtyar for Gender Studies

The vision of Ikhtyar for Gender Studies and Research is to build a feminist society, where knowledge is available and accessible to all. Its main mission is to build a body of knowledge in Arabic around gender and sexuality using different formats: written, visual, audio or oral contributing in gearing a strong feminist movement in Egypt.
Its main areas of work are: sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), mental well-being within feminist movement, theorising women’s lives in Egypt.

Ikhtyar meets on a monthly basis with Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) advocates and practitioners, who mostly have a medical background, through Karama platform which is a knowledge hub to share and exchange participants field experience with their peers and guest facilitators.

Ikhtyar is compiling a growing list of SRHR experts and research academics to share best practices and community interventions, based on a monthly theme. Initially, the aim behind those meetings was, to communicate findings and recommendations from a research Ikhtyar has conducted on Bodily Integrity within the family system in Egypt. In the first two meetings, collective members noticed an alarming knowledge gap among the audience. A concern that birthed the idea of, prolonging those meetings in a non-hierarchical learning fashion.

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