The Center for Civil Initiatives Porec, created in 1992, aims to promote and protect human rights, especially women's human rights on feminist principles. The association helps to develop the democratic process by promoting pluralism as a principle of the organization of the state and society, it encourages the de-velopment of the civil society.

With the change of Croatian government, there are strong attacks on civil society organizations, independent media, culture anti-fascist events. Women’s reproductive rights are in big danger, they are being humiliated by the catholic church. Human rights, especially women’s human rights and LGBT human rights are in danger. Finally, there is a strong retra-ditionalization in schools, and religious education has a strong influence on young minds. The project "Feminism And Im-portance Of Its Values For Teenage Girls" is to educate 60 teenage girls about their rights, how to challenge patriarchal values, to strenghten them to stand up for themselves, to become advocates for their own rights and to be stronger as a group. A particular emphasis will be given on reproductive rights, violence against women, gender equality, sexism. This training will take place in schools that expressed that they will participate in this project.


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