Brod group for women`s human rights founded in 1998. Its project is called “Social Inclusion and Integration of Women Victims of Domestic Violence in the Labour Market in Brodsko posavska Country”. Brod is the only non-government organization in Brodsko posavska county dealing with the issue of promotion and protection of the rights of women and children.

Approximately 8000 women from whole Croatia asked for help from Brod and the problems are: domestic violence, social insecurity, not paying alimony, divorce, etc.

Women exposed to domestic violence are a specific group that are usually psychically instable, dependent on their partners, with lack of self-confidence and belief in their own power; they are usually persons with inadequate educational level that does not allow independence; they carry a feeling of disgrace and shame to admit that they are exposed to domestic violence fearing condemnation of their surroundings. They are in particular need of specific and carefully designed approach adjusted to their particular needs that will provide them with more comprehensive support in order to help them regain self-confidence, and motivation for additional education and participation in the labour market. They are in need of various kinds of support ranging from conversation, psychological support, and legal advice, to finding a shelter in a safe house and economic empowerment in order to become independent, and thus be able to step out from the vicious circle of violence.