Nova Zena (New Woman) was founded in 2014 in Semizovac. It has been especially established for economic empowerment of vulnerable women (single mothers, wives of alcoholics, girls from families of high risk, women victims of domestic violence, women from minority groups etc.) through workshops, conferences, courses and training which are aimed to improve the position of vulnerable women in rural areas.

The project "Empowerment Of Young Girls In Rural Areas" wants to achieve encouragement of gender equality in rural areas, which are extremely patriarchal and closed for the acceptance of social changes and new approaches. Therefore, Nova Zena believes that sport is an ideal communication channel for transmitting messages of equality in rural areas, and women's football will be an important feminist step forward. Through the promotion of women's football and the gathering of girls who want to play football, Nova Zena will enrich its organization to new members in whose feminist penetration will be no doubt. Also, through media promotion and through football matches it will send a message of equality to the much wider audience, not just to the target group.
The project is organised around several activities:
- Organizing workshops about women's football in three primary schools in the municipality of Vogosca and two primary schools in the neighboring municipality of Ilijas, which also hasn’t a female football team.
- Organizing football matches at local stadiums. Participants of matches will be girls from the target group who have applied for participation in the women's football match during the workshop, as well as the girls from the women's football teams from the neighboring municipalities. From these girls primers will learn first football steps
- Promotion of project activities on social networks and local media

Nova Zena