The association, Action et Promotion Sociale et Culturelle, intervenes in several fields:
- discrimination and violence against women and girls
- protection of sexual and reproductive rights of Algerian and/or migrant women
- social and professional exclusion of young women and men
- addressing difficulties faced by people vulnerable in multiple ways (because of their sex, age, state of health, social class, geographical area, etc.) to access legal and public services.

The project, "Support for refugee women", aims to finance the field and community initiatives of 3 to 4 groups of 20 to 25 migrant women and/or associations of women and young people working directly with migrant women in order to improve their access to sexual and reproductive rights and to combat specific violence against them in a racist and highly precarious context. These initiatives will take place in the wilayas of the south and in regions around Orania with a high concentration of migrants.