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What is the Mediterranean Women's Fund ? |

The Mediterranean Women’s Fund was created in January 2008 through the initiative of women who have been involved for many years in promoting women’s rights in the Mediterranean region.
Starting from their experiences of trying to finance their projects or those of other associations in Algeria, France, Turkey, Morocco and in Palestine, they have found that it is necessary to create a structure in order to provide financial support for the women’s rights movement in the region.

The Fund is based on the ethical principles of equality, of secularism and of respect for human beings and for the environment, as well as an engagement to promote peace.
It is also based on international legislation concerning human rights and also on a holistic vision of society supported by the women’s movement around the world.


To participate in the improvement of the condition of women and the promotion of equality between sexes throughout the countries around the Mediterranean by contributing to the development of the women’s movement in the region, at both local and regional levels.


To provide, or help to find, the financial or technical means which are needed to fund actions decided by those groups, associations, organizations or individuals who are working towards equality between women and men in the Mediterranean region.


The Fund's strategies are defined in close collaboration with both associations and networks created by women throughout the Mediterranean region. This link enables the Fund to adapt to the region's many different political and social contexts and to keep pace with changes.


The Fund's program is focused on reinforcing the women’s movement. It has three components:

Grants to associations

Since 2009, the MWF has delivered grants for more than 260 projects and initiatives to associations in most of the countries of the Mediterranean region.To know more about the projects…

Providing space for strategic reflection

The MWF offers to organize an opportunity for associations of a country to discuss together in their country. Designed as a workshop gathering about 30 people, the focus is to study in greater depth issues identified by participants as priorities. The MWF has assumed the responsibility of organizing these events, and of coordinating and leading meetings between associations.

Events were organized in Egypt, in Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Croatia and France. To know more…

Training young women

Such trainings are designed to reinforce personal capacities while valorising collective intelligence by inviting participants to analyse power relations, build self-esteem (particularly important for women who have been taught to be self-effacing). These training started to take place in 2013. To know more…