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Photo Competition 2018-2019

Photo Competition 2018

The Mediterranean Women’s Fund has been organising for 8 years now its annual photo competition. This year, the topic is: « Stronger together ».

A year ago, one, two, then thousands of voices rose throughout the world, to denounce violence against women. One, two, then thousands of women discovered that they were not alone and, together, found the strength to put end to the code of silence. 

Together, they became stronger.
Together, they will not be silenced anymore.
Together, they will be strong to reclaim the public space.
Stronger, together, they can obtain justice.
Stronger, together, they will be able to obtain their rights and their freedom.

With this new theme, the Mediterranean Women’s Fund wants to illustrate the sorority that binds women together and allows them to march everyday towards a better world.

This competition extends from 12th of December 2018 to 2nd of May 2019.

The results will be published latest May 12.

1- The theme is open to individual interpretation as long as the relationship with the theme of the competition is clearly established visually.
2- The competition is opened to everyone, professional photographers or amateurs who live in Mediterranean countries.
3- A choice of 3 photos with sufficient resolution (300 dpi) in JPG format must be sent to

In case an exhibit is organized, photographers must be able to provide high resolution photos (at least 3 Mo).

4- When you submit your photos, you must note your first and last name, address, and telephone number, the title of the photo, and provide a short commentary.

For more details please read the contest rules carefully.

The jury will select the 20 best photos. The first 3 prize winners will be awarded with gift certificates worth respectively 600, 300 euros and a set of gifts.

All photos with pornographic or paedophilic content will be systematically eliminated.