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Photo Competition 2017 |

Photo Competition 2017 “They are opening the cages!’”

"I want to release the girls who are like birds in locked cages and there is no one to open them. They are suffocating.  I head back filled with freedom, I want to open the cages when I arrive, to let them fly free and to feel alive again, to live in hope and freedom".

Association of women's solidarity for rural development,
Village of Toundoute, High Atlas, Maroc

Locked in silence, ignorance, prejudices, fear, they dare to take a path despite its pitfalls – the path of freedom.
They dare to open the cages limiting their horizons and stopping them from thinking, acting, moving and loving freely.
They open the cages to move in the direction of self-knowledge, towards other people, the world, leaving the doors wide open behind them so that others can follow!
Founded ten years ago by women from the Mediterranean region, the Mediterranean Women's Fund is taking resolute action to fight the imprisonment of women and advance their emancipation. With this competition, the Fund is seeking to illustrate this liberation movement, this flight towards life, these women spreading their wings around the entire Mediterranean.
The act of creation is also a quest to open one's own cage, the cage that one has built oneself, to dare, to challenge, to challenge oneself, to open one's lungs and to breathe, breathe... Photography is limitless, for photographers willing to explore their own limits, to push them back, and perhaps to overcome them.

This competition extends from 15 December 2017 to 10 April 2018.

1- The theme is open to individual interpretation as long as the relationship with the theme of the competition is clearly established visually.
2- The contest is restricted to amateur photographers who live in Mediterranean countries.
3- A choice of 3 photos with sufficient resolution (300 dpi) in JPG format must be sent to

In case an exhibit is organized, photographers must be able to provide high resolution photos (at least 3 Mo).

4- When you submit your photos, you must note your first and last name, address, and telephone number, the title of the photo, and provide a short commentary.

For more details please read the contest rules carefully.

The jury will select the 20 best photos. The first 3 prize winners will be awarded with gift certificates worth respectively 400, 300 and 200 euros.

All photos with pornographic or paedophilic content will be systematically eliminated.