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Photo Competition 2016 Results |

Girls will change the world

Our deserving jury gave its verdict, after looking over 157 photos from 14 different countries: Algeria, Bosnia, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Montenegro, Palestine, Portugal, Tunisia.

The 20 pre-selected photographs will be exposed at the Mediterranean & Middle East Research Institute in Paris (in french: iReMMO - Institut de Recherche et d’étude Méditerranée Moyen-Orient) in October 2016. Click here to display.

The 3 winners of the competition on the theme « Girls will change the world », are:

1st price: « Freedom »
Mohammed El Hamzaoui (Morocco)
1st price - Mohammed El Hamzaoui

2nd price: «  On victory’s road »3rd price: « Oustada »
Gregory Audubert (France)Sabine Bécard (Maroc)
2ème prix - Gregory Audubert3ème prix - Sabine Bécard
Congratulation to the 3 laureates.

Considering the number of photographs received in the excellent diptychs collection « Moudjahidate » by Nadja Makhlouf, the jury decided to award her a special distinction and to class her work in a distinct category. The jury and the FFMed’s staff congratulate her for her high quality work, which gathers old and contemporary portraits of several women who worked during the Algeria’s independance war. It shows the ways these women contributed to change the world.

Like every year, our staff chose to highlight a firm favorite photo. This is why we attribute a firm favourite mention to « Finish line », by Ahmed Hamed (Egypt). We were taken with the will of this little girl running a marathon.
Ahmed Hamed

Our warm thanks to the jury’s member, for their involvement, opinions and the time they spent in this competition:
Estelle Brack (iReMMO), Caroline Flepp (50/50 The women / men equality’s magazine), Pierre-Yves Gimenez, Natacha Henry, Catalina Martin-Chico, Marie-Paule Nègre, Philippe Sérénon (mediterranean photography festival Photomed) and Dominique Vidal (iReMMO).
Some of them joined us this year, and we are honored by it.

We also thank Dima Alsajdeya (iReMMO) for her precious collaboration, and all the Mediterranean Women’s Fund partners for sharing the competition’s announce, without whom nothing would have been possible.