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Photo Competition 2013 Results |

"Father and proud of my daughter"

The theme this year was difficult. But despite that, you dared to try!
13 countries participated: Algeria, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Yemen, Palestine, Portugal.
20 photos were selected by the jury.
3 photos won awards
1rst prize - Adel MhadhebiAnd the story of the 1st prize is lovely…
Adel Mhadhebi
is Tunisian, designer, university professor, artist, photographer. He is the father of four children. However, it was not his own story that he choose to tell, but that of two well-known public figures in Tunisia who are father and daughter in private life.
She is Lina Ben Mhenni! A freedom activist, she was nominated once again this year for the Nobel Peace Prize. Her father, Sadok Ben Mhenni (a prominent personality in Tunisia), discretely attends each rally and event at his daughter’s side. Adel Mhadhebi noticed the tremendously proud look the father gave his daughter, and was captivated. He decided to capture these moments of complicity, tenderness, and caring.

Anamarija Matanovic won the 2nd prize (Croatia, Slavonski Brod). 2nd prize - Anamarija Matanovic

Her photo was entitled, “She has her own world, but I learn much from her world".

The photograph shows Anamarija with her father Rudi in the workshop that they share. Rudi comments, “We work side by side, but I can truly say that everything that my daughter accomplishes is the result of her own personal choices”.

The 3rd prize was given to Zenab Oudah (Palestine, Gaza)
Here too is a beautiful story that shows the complicity between the two, the pride the father feels, and the support he gives to his daughter, a painter. The photographer wished to show the artist Mohammed Sahwil, a 66 year old Palestinian refugee, encouraging his daughter Rafidah, 25 years old. The father supported his daughter to go study art at the University of Aqsa in Gaza. She furthermore participated in developing a large number of wall paintings and took part in many expositions. “I am very happy that my family supports me, and particularly my father, who played an important role in my career as an artist," said Rafidha, talking about her father.

Lastly, although there is no 4th prize, we would like to award a special mention to the photo taken by Yann Renoult, “The young girl and the sea”. The accompanying text touched us deeply as it well reflects the spirit of the competition. We provide you the text below without further comment!
Special mention - Yann Renoult

"When her father’s injuries stopped him from continuing his work as a fisherman, Madeline, despite her youth, did not hesitate: she took over her father’s work. The only woman in a man’s world, she had to work harder than everyone else to gain the respect of her peers. While he had doubts in the beginning as to whether she would succeed, her father is now proud of her. He does not hesitate to protect her and submit to arrests and pressure from Hamas, which takes a poor view of a woman working in this environment."

BRAVO to the prize winners and to everyone who participated in the photography competition.

You may now see in our photo gallery the complete selection of the jury and the 20 photos.

Thanks to Micheline Decroix for having carefully collected and organized all of the photographs in the competition.

Thanks also to our honorable jury for having stepped up readily to the plate once again this year: Souad Belhaddad, Pierre Yves Gimenez, Sylvie Hugues, Frédérique Jouval, Caroline Laurent-Simon, Catalina Martin-Chico, Marie-Paule Nègre , Reza et Lizzie Sadin.