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The 3 winners are…

The 2012 photo contest jury has just found its prize-winners. After several months of competition, the jury has finally chosen.

The topic selected this year was "What’s the point of the revolution if I cannot dance". We received 197 photos from 16 different countries (Algeria, Bosnia, Egypt, Spain, France, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Libya, Palestine, Portugal, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey).

We thank all participants for their participation

One of the main tasks in a photo competition is to gather photographs, to collect information about the participants and to check the photos are in adequacy with the theme. This year, this important work has been realized by Micheline Decroix and Nicole Perlinot who spent a lot of energy and time to accomplish it. An enormous thanks to them for their effectiveness and their support.

Our warm thanks to our nice and deserving Jury composed this year of: Souad Belhaddad, Pierre Yves Gimenez, Sylvie Hugues, Frédérique Jouval, Caroline Laurent-Simon, Catalina Martin-Chico, Marie-Paule Nègre , Reza et Lizzie Sadin.

Thanks also to Virginie Brac who welcomes us every year in her flat and accepts to move her furniture to give sufficient space jury.

The difficulty for the Jury was to select only some of the photos among the 197 pictures received. The Jury chose 16 photos which will be exposed in March 2013 in an exhibition organized in partnership with Paris municipality on the topic “Women and revolutions”. For this exhibition, the FFMED will select 4 additional photos “Selection FFMED” among the 197 received: the candidates will be informed very soon about our choice.

We are proud to announce that the 3 prize winners are 

1rst price - Samara Sallam - SyrieSamara Sallam

2nd price - Loubna Awidat - Syrie 3rd price - Marisol Rifai - Liban

Loubna AwidatMarisol Rifai

Il n’y a qu’à l’aube où je peux me libérer de la ville

Résiste et soulève-toi avant ta disparition