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News from the Region |

This page presents news about the mediterranean region or about our partners.
You can read them by clicking on the links.

To read news about each country of the region, click on the country in the page untitled "Information".


Egypt :Egyptian Center for Women Rights Annual Report english - arabic


France : MedWF receives a Women Award from the France-Algeria Forum


Turkey: Campaing "One Day One Struggle" about violences against women
Mena- Africa: Women Democratic Coalition Statement
France: Nassawiyat - Show on the french radio France Culture by Charlotte Bienaimé with MedWF support. Every recorded program is in french and lasts 30 minutes
•  Interview with the MedWF Executive Director
•  1rst step, Tunisia: Meeting with the activists
•  2nd step, Tunisia: Making the revolution
•  3rd step, Egypt: Occupying the street
•  4th step, Morocco: How to be an activist?
•  5th step, Morroco: Testifying
•  6th step Tunisia: Rebelling
•  7th step, Algeria: Rebirthing
•  8th step, Algeria: Resisting
Bali: the MedWF has attended the 2014 Summit on Women & Climate
• INWF (International Network of Womens Funds) Interview with the Executive Director
Africa: African Women's Rights publishes a pamphlet reiterating the urgency of increasing funding of women’s organizations.
• UN: March 2014 CSW Conclusion
France: Enlarging IFE-EFI to the two shores of the Mediterranean
Feminist Declaration for Post 2015: Gender, Economic, Social and Ecological Justice for Sustainable Development

Euro-mediteranean Human Rights Network publications:
•  Violence against Women in the Euro-mediterranean Region
• Violence against Women in the Syrian Conflict
E.U: Survey about the violence against women
Spain: Parce que je décide - french translation of a text written by Alicia Miyares
Egypt: Press Release of Egyptian Center for Women’s Rights
Morroco: Polygamy, inheritance, abortion - interview of Najet Ikhich, president of Ytto Foundation


Spain: About the abortion law : The spanish « tea party » fights against women's autonomy (french)
CEDAW Statement on the role of women in the process of political transition in Egypt, Lybia and Tunisia
Letter directed at UN Secretary General about the Post-2015 Agenda
UN: CSW Conclusions on the elimination and prevention of all forms of violence against women and girls
March 8th:
Coalition of Women with the Revolution Statement (Egypt): english, arabic
European Feminist Initiative Statement

Statement From Organizations And Associations In Solidarity With Female Egyptian Activists
ECWR Press Release: The Shoura Council and the National Council for Human Rights promote Violence and Crimes Against Women
Egyptians fight sexual assault…


Egypt: Men step up to fight sexual harassment

Campaign "I am with the uprising of women in the arab world..." (french)

Council of European Union: Combating Violence Against Women

Rio +20 Conference:
• Final Statement
• Women’s Major Group Final Statement

Syria: Map of sexualized violence
FIDH: 20 measures for equality
Morocco: Suicide of a young woman married after a rape (french)
• « Engagement citoyen » receives several prizes for its campaign "Ben Ali: le retour" (french)
Lebanon: Women's Struggle against Harassment and Violence (french)


Lebanon: Equalist First : Women’s Rights and Democracy Building
Syria: Meeting with two figures of the syrian revolution in the context of the international campaign "16 days against gender violence"