Mediterranean meeting of women specialized in media and communications
6-8 July 2018 Altradimora, Italy

The first Mediterranean meeting of women specialized in media and communications took place at the Maison des Savoirs FeĢministes Altradimora in the heart of Piemont in Italy, from 6 to 8 July 2018. It gathered 18 women from 10 countries in the region (Algeria, Croatia, Egypt, Spain, France, Italy, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia), some linked to organizations, others freelance, all committed to defending women’s rights in their work and daily lives.

Over the course of three days, they discussed their experiences as women journalists and the situation of women’s rights in their countries, highlighting numerous similarities between the two shores of the Mediterranean, the existence of a shared Mediterranean identity, and the relevance of working together. They laid the foundations of a Mediterranean feminist information network, MedFemiNiswiya, based on an inclusive feminism and the promotion of solidarity, support and kindness between network members and between generations.

Articles in french published by women participating to the meeting:
BELHASSINE Olfa: « Tunisie : Un réseau d’information sur les femmes de la Méditerranée est né »

DELMAS Anaïs et GALESNE Nathalie: « Naissance de Medfeminisswiya, réseau méditerranéen pour l’information féministe »

BELHASSINE Olfa: « Caroline Brac de la Perrière : ‘La diversité nous enrichit ‘ »