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Programs supported by the Fund |

The Fund’s principal aim is to reinforce the women's movement in the Mediterranean region.Through its close ties to associations and networks in the Mediterranean basin, the MWF fully understands the daily difficulties faced by women and men induced by the rise of fundamentalism and the banalization of violence against women. The Fund’s flexible structure allows it to react rapidly to the situation through its programme to reinforce the women’s movement. This programme has three components.

Providing space for strategic reflection

This programme component was initiated following the sudden revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt with the organization of a space for exchange and strategy discussions for women’s movements facing crisis situations. The question of women is highly political, it is vital to establish a joint strategy as rapidly as possible.The MWF has assumed the responsibility of organizing these events, and of coordinating and leading meetings between associations of one to several days.

Training in feminist collective intelligence

Numerous trainings are offered to women’s associations. However, the activities conducted by the associations, and particularly collective actions such as campaigns, often run into the same stumbling blocks before and after these trainings. The MWF believes the reason is that while these trainings cover practical (setting up projects, seeking funding) or intellectual issues (women’s rights, Cedaw, etc), they rarely cover the psychological or philosophical aspects of building a social movement. The Fubd has decided to design trainings to reinforce personal capacities while valorising collective intelligence by inviting participants to analyse power relations, build self-esteem (particularly important for women who have been taught to be self-effacing), and develop a capacity to work together. These trainings are particularly dedicated to young women and new associations.

 Program to reinforce the fund-raising capacities of associations

The Fund has three main axes of support:

  • Networking at a regional level: network building, exchange of information and experiences, project coordination

  • Strengthening of women’s movements at a local level: Support for the running of associations, training for young women and assistance for creative or sensitive projects

  • And depending on the context, individual support:  help for participating at meetings or urgent aid

It provides support to associations and networks of the Mediterranean region by:

  • Providing information concerning funders who work in the region

  • Encouraging members of associations to participate in training programs for project construction, financial budget management and fund-raising

  • Helping the creation of local funds

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