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Grundtvig European Program

Using Traditional and New Media For Campaigns Against Prejudice, Xenophobia and Discrimination

Starting October 2012,the Mediterranean Women's Fund is involved in a Gruntvig program supported by the European Community.

This partnership brings together 6 adult education organizations from 4 European countries, (France, Turkey, Nederland, Ireland) which are engaged in adult education against prejudice, xenophobia and discrimination around the use of new and traditional media to increase the impact of their campaigns.
This learning partnership  is a two-year project dedicated to sharing best practices on improving the impact on campaigns against all forms of xenophobia and racism through an effective use of new and traditional media.

Apart from the Mediterranean Women's Fund, five other organizations are involved in the program:

• Humanity in Action France (France)
• Public Achievement (Northern Ireland) 
• The Association for Social Change (Turkey)  
• International Association for Intercultural Education (Netherlands)
• Humanity in Action The Netherlands (Netherlands)

More information about the program, success stories and the involving organization could be found on the blog

Booklet about success stories