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Grundtvig European Program

28-29 mars
Meeting in Paris

The Mediterranean Women's Fund (MedWF) organized on March 28-29 Mars in Sciences Po - Paris, the last Grundtvig meeting “Use of new and traditional media to increase the impact of their campaigns against discrimination”.
For this meeting, the MedWF invited several of its partners to present their use of medias in campaigns against discrimination:
- "Harassmap" talked about the very creative actions they organize in Cairo against sexual harassment,
- "Libres Terres des Femmes" who realizes short animation movies to help women to fight against domestic violence in France, brought its experience about the usage of such tools,
- The successful Facebook campaign «  Women’s uprising in the arabe world  » was presented.

Detailed program of these two days :
Friday March 28th
• Introduction and Presentation of the MedWF background
• 20 years Barakat Campaign: Women Musicians Unite to Overturn Algeria’s Family Code (20 years barakat association)
• Presentation of a mailing sofware  
• Workshop: Forum theatre as a tool to deconstruct the stereotypes (Etincelle association)

Saturday March 29th
• Harassmap Campaign in Egypt (Harassmap association)
• The Uprising of women in the arabe World: the efforts of five women who launched the Facebook campaign
• The use of film animation against domestic violence (Libre Terre des Femmes association)
• Conclusion and evaluation

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