The second Feminist Training in Collective Intelligence (FTCI) in France took place in the form of three 5-day sessions held between October 2016 and February 2017. It brought together 19 young women between 20 and 30 years old from Saint Denis, Gennevilliers, Montreuil, Champs sur Marne, Paris, Montpellier, Grenoble and Toulouse. Some (13) were members of associations, others (6) were not. Two participants from other FTCI programs attended as trainers in training. The program was an occasion to acknowledge what we are seeking through our work (openness to others, questioning representations...). It also provided a benevolent space in which young women who never would otherwise have met, being from different social backgrounds, cultures and professions, were brought together. These young women are a portrait of today's France in all its diversity and now consider themselves to be a "family ".

The three sessions took place much like in the preceding training programs. The first session, "Meet others and get to know oneself", alternated theoretical contributions (equality between women and men, equality between human beings, the women's movement in France), theatre-forum exercises to stage situations of domination, and games to work on self-esteem.

The second session, “Assert and defend oneself in public”, included theatre-forum exercises to highlight group relationships and behaviour, a communication module alternating presentations and games to learn how to communicate and identify essential messages, one presentation on sexuality, and another on the personal experience of a feminist activist.

Finally, the third session, "Build and create together", focused on the relationship with the group, including listening, dialogue, and confidence exercises, and the organization of a "strategic reflection meeting" in which participants were invited to determine what they considered to be important for the women's movement, identify allies and opponents, and finally define their priorities. This type of meeting, which MWF also organizes in other countries for feminist associations, is led by a facilitator who ensures that all participants are able to contribute and be heard. The third session provided an opportunity to present the situation of the international women's movement, to meet a feminist leader who spoke about a successful campaign, and to tell the young women about another campaign that had taken place in Algeria.

All of the sessions included moments of conviviality, music and dance, and field trips to share some time together in a setting outside the training program. The group of young women, close-knit from the very start, was considerably strengthened during the third session and a number of the participants are determined to continue to meet and exchange with each other. For MWF, this training strengthened our view of the importance of encounters between women of different backgrounds and environments in a space where they can feel safe. It also was an opportunity to train future trainers.