Create and Build Together

The third session of the FTIC took place in Hammamet from the 3rd to the 8th of February 2016 in a hotel. The space reserved from the MEDWD was very warm and functional. There was a beautiful garden where the participants did their daily morning exercises.

This session brought together 19 girls, aged 20 to 34, coming from all over Tunisia. A great majority of them had been a part of the previous two sessions. Once arrived and welcomed, everyone shared their feelings and opinions about the previous sessions.
The following days, the workshops took place in a very warm atmosphere and the moments for physical exercises were extended.
The first morning was dedicated to sharing views and feelings about the socio-political Tunisian environment. The participants then started the program centered on the actions of the organizations.


My organization :
- active listening exercises and exercises on trust
- review of the good communication rules
- forum-heater on leadership management
- learning how to evaluate one’s work, communicate about it and highlight it

Implementing a strategic reflection between organizations:
- analysis of the situation of women in Tunisia
- determining the challenges, the strengths and weaknesses of the women’s movement
- identifying the allies
- determining the priority lines of actions
- designing a collective action from a priority line of action

Input on awareness campaigns:
- presentation by Anware Mnasri, judge and founder of the Tunisian League Women Voters and of Thala
- experience of the regional network presented by Alya Cherif Chammari
- presentation by Fawzia Baba Aissa of the campaign “20 ans Barakat” against the family code in Algeria

- presentation by Caroline Brac de la Perrière of a feminist activist’s journey
- meeting with Saida Chelli, from the Tunisian organization of the Theater of the Oppressed
- workshop on female sexuality

The training ended with a final evaluation during which questions were asked to individuals and to small groups. The group then evaluated together the whole of the three sessions.

To end the session, the participants and the staff saw a comic play and then danced together, bonding during this last moment. Everyone left very enthusiastic and full of hope and very positive.