Create and Build Together

The third FCIT took place in Mehdia from February 27 to March 4 in the same location as the first two sessions.

Twenty young women, from the ages of 18 to 33, participated in the session. Among them, 18 women participated at least to one of the previous sessions. Many of them belong to a women's organisation in Morocco. The newcomers were rather shy and impressed at first but were quickly fit in the group. The young women coming from villages in remote areas reported their difficulties due to conservative mentalities and retrograde prejudices.

As for the previous sessions, the mixture of languages spoken by the participants (Arabic, Berber, and French) was a major challenge. Nevertheless, the workshops took place in a spirit of calm and fluidity. The young women were very determined.
Before each workshop, the young women practiced exercises to awaken the senses and shared their feelings and ideas. The first morning was used to introduce oneself and to organize themselves. The real work begun then : focusing on the action of the associations.


• My association:
- identifying strengths and weaknesses
- defining 3 areas to be improved in my association
- Theatre-forum on managing relationships

• Strategic reflection workshops:
- analysis of the situation of women in Morocco
- determining areas for collective action
- identifying possible allies
- determining priorities for collective action

• Campaigns presented by Moroccan animators:
- by Najat from Ytto foundation
- in other countries

• Other
- Come back on the communication workshops of the previous sessions
- Thinking about the body by answering the participants' questions

The training ended with a final assessment in which each person expressed herself about the strengths and weaknesses of the program. They also highlighted the value of their participation in the training. It was a very emotional moment.

Relaxing activities and visits to Rabat were organized to take a break during this very intensive program. Participants and organizers were in very a good mood and happy to stay together. Everybody left with a feeling of optimism, hope and full of ideas after the very intensive moments shared together.