Creating and constructing together

The third FTCI session took place July 19-24 outside Montpellier. The 25 participants were members of different associations from all over France, and the majority had attended the preceding sessions. As always, the program was intensive and the participants invested themselves fully. An afternoon by the riverside fortunately allowed everyone, participants and moderators, to get to know each other in a more informal setting and share a few light moments.
This session, like those which preceded it, alternated:
• Exercises to awaken the senses and “weather reports”, where participants worked in small groups to take stock of how they felt about the proceedings of the day before.
• Theatre-forum sessions:
- games involving collective intelligence
- co-construction exercises
- group decision making
- skits revolving around the subject of prostitution to prepare for the evening debate
• Strategic reflection workshops:
- strengths and areas to be improved in my association
- discussion about the main concerns of women and women’s movements in France and possible allies (female and male)
- determining priorities for collective action
- design of this action in accordance with the priorities identified
• Debates on subjects animated by specialists in the field:
- headscarves
- female sexuality
- prostitution

The workshops were conducted in small groups with presentations by each sub-group to the full group at the end. Listening, respecting others, and dialogue rendered the various activities extremely rich and allowed participants to learn how to resolve tensions which may arise within a group.

Each training ended with an evaluation of the session, and each young woman was awarded a diploma to enhance and highlight the value of her participation in the training.