Assert and defend oneself in public
I and the other

The second session of the FTCI was held in Hammamet from the 17th to the 23rd of December in the same location as the first session. It was organized on the same basis as the other FTIC sessions: theatre-forum workshops, reflection spaces and presentations by Tunisian feminists.

17 young women between the ages of 20 and 34 who had all taken part in the first session were present. They came from different Tunisian cities. All the participants were members of women’s organizations.

Developing ones’ relational intelligence:
- fitness and group exercises on anchorage and flexibility and tension free movements
- theater-forum exercises to work on making decisions within a group
- jeu sur la gestion de situations bloquées dans des groupes
- games on managing deadlocked situations in groups

- using collective intelligence in communication
- determining the essential message during a presentation and holding on to it
- using different ways to share an essential message
- delivering a message and expressing oneself in front of an audience

Presentations of Tunisian feminists:
- Presentation and reflection on the female body
- Presentation on the veil and its history by Emna Ben Miled
- Presentation by Nadia Hakimi, co-founder and director of the Tunisian Association of Democratic Women

Several evaluations were set up during the session in order for everyone to share their feelings, their questions, and their doubts. The participants shared the final evaluation they had written to the whole group (everyone expressed a rather positive conclusion to the session).

The young women were able to relax during a getaway to the restaurant and a fun night. They were able to learn more about each other, appreciate their time together and share laughter and dancing.