Assert and defend oneself in public
I and the other

The second FCIT was held in Kenitra from December 17 to 22 in the same location as the first session. It was organized by the MWF, and involved the Etincelles association, which led the theatre-forum activities and body exercises, and Moroccan feminists, who animated the modules on the women's movement.

Twenty-two young women participated in the second session. They ranged in age from 18 to 33, with 14 women under 25 years old. Some of the young women came from villages in remote areas, others from large cities. Their levels of education also varied widely. However, all of the participants were members of women’s associations.

The mixture of languages spoken by the participants was a major challenge of the training programme in Morocco. As some of the participants only spoke Berber, the translators had to shoulder the demanding task of juggling translations between Arabic, Berber, and French.
Nonetheless, the training was very intense and took place in a spirit of good humour. In the approach used, each participant came as she was, without preconceptions or hierarchies, and education levels were irrelevant. This method enabled a collective spirit to rapidly take root and draw strength from the diversity of the group’s members.

The programme covered the following:
• Develop one’s interpersonal intelligence:
- shaping and forming sub-groups through a game about the choice of a family
- diverse exercises to work on group decision-making
- games involving listening, power, and frustration
- theatre-image group work
- exercise to find solutions while in opposition-
- theatre-forum work on anger-

• Communicate:
- better situate oneself in relation to the other through speaking exercises
- know how to formulate a clear message
- be self-confident when communicating
- deliver a message and express oneself in front of an audience

• Body awarenessPresentation and discussions about sexuality

• Theoretical contributions on feminism by Moroccan facilitators
- small group discussions on feminism led by Najat Ikhich
- meeting with Zahia ‘Amoumou, a lawyer involved in the fight for women’s rights in Morocco

The training concluded with written and oral assessments in which each participant indicated her impressions of the training.

The training also was organized so that everyone could unwind at the end of the day with dance parties and a visit to Rabat. The idea was to enable the young women to get to know and appreciate each other better and (why not?) develop new friendships.

We wish to thank the Ytto Foundation for its assistance in organizing the logistics of this training session.