Meet each other and recognize oneself

The first session of the Feminist Training in Collective Intelligence (FTCI) was held at the Hammamet Cultural Centre from 9 to 14 September 2015. The MWF organized the theatre-forum and body exercise activities while Tunisian feminists led the more theoretical sessions.

Twenty young women between the ages of 20 and 35 participated enthusiastically in this first session. They were members of 18 associations working in the fields of women’s rights, human rights, environment, and development. From large cities, most of the young women had a college education and had participated in numerous training sessions following the Tunisian revolution, but this training was special...
Although an Arabic-French translation service was available, the training took place for the most part in French.
The training was very intense, alternating sessions involving all of the participants with work in small groups in order to encourage all of the young women to participate.

Program contents...
Learning to know oneself
- body awareness
- individual work to establish the expectations of participants
- development of a relational charter

The issue of domination
- games and group discussion about a situation of domination
- theatre-forum and exercises concerning domination situations chosen by the participants

- different games around the theme of anger: identify one’s emotion, visualize a situation
- theatre-forum skits to give oneself permission to fully feel anger
- visualization of a moment of getting over anger
- individual self-esteem exercises involving each participant

Feminist theory presented by Tunisian feminists
- issue of domination
- equality, universal value
- equality in religious texts
- feminism and the current situation of the Tunisian feminist movement
- international women's movement

The session ended with written and oral assessments in which each participant indicated her impressions of the training.

At the beginning, the young women were fairly reserved and slightly sceptical. However, the approaches used in the different exercises released emotions and allowed everyone to be more open with themselves. Lastly, more festive evening events and a boat excursion enabled the participants and the MWF team to share moments full of laughter and dancing and helped everyone get to know each other better.