Meet each other and recognize oneself

The first FCIT session took place in Kenitra October 8-13 in a lovely site just minutes from the sea. It was organized by the MWF in association with the Etincelles association, which was responsible for the theatre-forum activities and the physical exercises, and with the participation of Moroccan feminists who came to lead theoretical sessions.

Sixteen young women, ranging in age from 18 to 23 years old, and belonging to different associations, enthusiastically participated in this first session. Their profiles were quite varied: some came from large cities, others from the countryside; they had different education levels and above all spoke different languages (Arabic, Berber, and some French). The training consequently was designed so that each could be at ease in her own language, with systematic translations into Arabic, Berber and French, and specific exercises to facilitate exchanges between young women from strikingly different backgrounds.

The training was very intense, alternating sessions involving all of the participants with work in small groups, the objective being to ensure the active participation of all of the young women.

The programme covered…
• Learning to know oneself:
- diverse games involving first names
- work in small groups to identify the participants’ expectations
- drafting a relational charter

• The question of domination:
- Games and group discussion about domination situations
- Theoretical contribution from a Moroccan feminist
- Photo language about liberty
- Theater-forum  and exercises on domination situations chosen by the participants

• Self-esteem/Self-confidence
- Different games and theoretical presentation on the subject

• Theoretical feminist presentation by Moroccan animators
- Situation of the feminist movement in Morocco and internationally
- Question of gender, sexist stereotypes, …
- Question of religion and feminism

The training ended with a written assessment and an oral summing up in which each person expressed their feelings about the programme.

Some of the young women initially were very reserved, but after a few swims in the sea (for the first time for some of them), festive evenings and a visit to Rabat, in addition to many humorous moments and gales of shared laughter, they all became very enthusiastic and determined to return to the next session, which will be held in December.

We wish to thank the Ytto Foundation for its assistance in organizing the logistics of this training session.