The first collective intelligence training session to be held in France took place near Montpellier on October 25 to 30. Organized by the Mediterranean Women’s Fund in collaboration with the association "Etincelle-Théâtre Forum", 25 people participated in the training. Approximately 20 of the participants were young women between 19 and 35 years old, some active in feminist associations, others who preferred to participate in the feminist movement on an individual basis. Originating from different regions and social-cultural backgrounds, these young women were a good reflection of the great diversity that is the hallmark of the women's movement in France.

The theme of this first session was, “Meet and know oneself”. The session took place in an enchanting environment; periods of yoga and getting in touch with one’s body alternated with practical periods using the theatre forum as a tool to understand one’s own self and others, discussions about feminism, the history of the feminist movement, and building self-esteem, with the two kinds of activities often intermixing.

... The training, designed according to feminist tradition as a free space to transmit and share, thus offered participants – including the organizers – an opportunity to think about difficult and serious subjects, for example cultural relativism, in an ambiance marked by much laughter and good feeling.

It was a wonderful event that will be followed up with two other sessions: “Affirm and defend oneself in public”, and “and create together”.