Few comments from the young trainees

Algier - Secon session of the Feminist Collective Intelligence Training
dedicated to young women activists

The Mediterranean Women’s Fund launched its first feminist training in collective intelligence: two training sessions were held March 14-19 and June 27–July 2 near Alger. They gathered some twenty young women from different town in the country, Constantine, Tizi Ozou, Mostaghanem, Bejaia and Alger, all convinced of the need for change in the situation of women and all aleady active in associations.

They were thrown into a formation that was “unlike anything they had ever seen”, during which laughter and reflection, transmission and learning, poetry and rigour, theory and experience mixed harmoniously in a warm and welcoming space.

This three-part training mixes feminist approaches both on the theoretical level (what is domination? what is equality? feminism? gender? the women’s movement?) and concrete level (the space created is a hierarchical space of liberty, safety and confidence).
It uses tools from the theatre of the oppressed and theatre-forums, psychology, and personal development.
Its aims is to allow young women – and ultimately everyone present, including those animating the sessions — to reinforce their self-esteem, their confidence, their capacity to take the floor, to defend their ideas, to lift themselves out of the rut of the system of domination, but also to live with contradiction, listen to others, go beyond confrontation and find agreement, all in order to construct associations and reinforce the women’s movement on solid interpersonal and organizational grounds.

The training is organized in three sessions, one-week each:
The first part, “ Meet and know oneself ” covers the relationship of women to the world at the individual and collective level: know oneself and understand the mechanisms of the social system to which one belongs as well as those of movements for change such as the feminist movement.

The second part, “ Affirm and defend oneself in public ” focuses on the relationship with the other, both within intimate relations and within the public sphere, learning and internal communication in a group, including conflict management.

The third session, “ Build and create together ”, which is planned for this fall, will be the moment to implement the collective intelligence gradually formed over the preceding sessions