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Souad Belhaddad

Souâd Belhaddad is a journalist and writer. Born in Algeria, she lives in France, where she has worked as a well known journalist for many years.

She has contributed to numerous magazines (Elle, Le Monde, La Vie, Repubblica,…). Passionate about women’s rights, as well as the struggle against fundamentalism, she directed, « SOS femmes algériennes » (“SOS Algerian Women”), which won an award from the Association of Women Journalists, and numerous reports on these issues in other countries (ex-Yugoslavia, Lebanon, Algeria, Basque country...).

Also a writer, she is particularly interested in post-conflict societal issues. Her first book, Entre deux Je, française ? /Algérienne, comment choisir, (Between Two I’s, French? Algerian?) is a story and an essay examining dual Franco-Algerian identities. In collaboration with Esther Mujawayo, she published two works on the Tutsi genocide, and developed a project to support female victims of genocide, notably those who were infected purposefully with AIDS when raped by their genocidal attackers. This operation, named, “Oh the cow” (an animal considered to be an economic and social good in Rwanda) was very successful among many Rwandans.
Her latest work, “Algérie, le prix de l’oubli” (“Algeria, the price of forgetting”) reports on the so called post-civil war national reconciliation.
Her prize-winning works have been critically well received.

She has worked on issues of discrimination, racism and antisemitism for over fifteen years, and works in school settings on issues involving prejudice through role playing. She initiated the program, Bien dit! (Well said!), in order to create a bridge between high school students and the working world based on activities focussing on language as a shared code and link between citizens. This program was designed with the association, Citoyenneté possible, involved in citizen dialogue.

Souâd Belhaddad also is the author and star of, « Beaucoup de choses à vous djire » (“Many things to say to you”), a comedy that explores multi-national identities through the relationship between a mother and daughter. She also wished to render homage to Mediterranean women who manage to conciliate tradition and modernity with force and vitality. This show reveals these women’s deep sense of humour very clearly.
Souâd Belhaddad recently also participated in workshops on equality organized by Villette in Paris and Lille.