In charge of Documentation

Samia Allalou

Born in Blida, Algeria, she studied journalism at the University of Alger. Pursuing her passion for the profession, she answered a casting call on Algeria’s TV network; for 2 years, she would present the most off-the-wall show in Algeria’s history since independence.

The show ended on February 14, 1994, after the director was victim of a terrorist attack.

Samia arrived in France one month after the attack, worked at a Maghreb radio station, and presented a series of shows on Algeria for Arte, the Geopolis Algeria special with Claude Serillon for France2, and the Arab-Mediterranean press review on TV5. She made a documentary film (in Arab, dubbed in French) for Onisep, entitled, «L’école au cœur de la vie» (“School at the heart of life”), intended for newly arrived members of the Arab-Magreb community.

With radio and television friends, she created the association, Bled Connexion, to give a stage to exiled Algerian artists and put them in contact with others, encouraging theatrical cross-cultural initiatives.
With the association, «20 ans Barakat» (“20 years Barakat”), she participated in the development of a CD and a video clip campaigning against the family code (personal status of women, very discriminatory), and organized concerts, film screenings, debates, and conferences to inform and raise women’s awareness about their rights.

Since 2005, she has been making documentaries on women’s rights and their struggles in different countries in Africa.

Long an active member of citizens’ groups, Samia is one of the animators of the «20 ans Barakat» campaign, and an advisory member of the international solidarity network, ‘Women Living Under Muslim Laws/WLUM”.