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Nadia Leila Assaoui

Algerian by birth (in 1969), Lebanese by marriage, she currently lives in France. 
She has a Degree in veterinary medicine and holds a B.A and a Master II respectively in Psycho sociology at the Sorbonne University (Paris V) and Women studies at the University of Paris VIII. 

In 1996 she coordinated an international women network with the support of the Fondation Charles Leopold Meyer for human progress. She organized meetings and roundtables on women issues in patriarchal societies. This work led her to reside 3 years in India to develop the network in Asia but also in Africa and Latin America before joining Europe (Spain) to collaborate in the Universal Forum of Cultures’ project in Barcelona.

Back in Paris in 2000, she worked as a Project Coordinator with “Coordination Sud” to organize the NGO’s Mediterranean Summit in Marseille, parallel to the official governmental summit of the European Union in 2001.

In 2003, she settled in Lebanon and coordinated a project on political and cultural dialogue between researchers and journalists from the Arab world, Europe and America. The project was part of the International Institute for Sustained Dialogue’s programs.

Currently member of a network of Arab researchers from 7 countries, she contributes to studies and meetings on issues of democratic transitions and family laws.